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Tsunamika, Daughter of the ocean

- A sunny musical play about overcoming the tsunami


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Summer and autumn calendar: Calendar

Wild and Free -streetdance peformance is touring during the summer in Helsinki and North-Carelia. On Autumn we will have a premiere for our finnish-arabic version of Tsunamika, Daughter of the ocean. The premiere will be in National Theater on saturday 3.9.2016 - tickets from here. Tsunamika, Daughter of the ocean, will have also one peformance in Espoo, Tapiola, Louhisali on 8.9. at 18, tickets will be available soon - stay tuned!

We will continue to visit finnish homes with our touching Matkalla kotiin - On the journey performance, which will visit Tampere on June. You can still send us your own invitation and ask us in to your own home: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

During the spring we had plenty of performances for babies, children, adults and for the whole families. BabySauna and Kiitolaukkaa Kipitikolkkaa are continuing in our program and you can invite these lovely shows in to your own location.


Wild and free - brave & fun streetdance performance on summer tour!

Wild and free is a unpredcitable and funnily brave street performance by two women. In this performance you will see the wild women dancing with buckets as their shoes while they are playin whisks and graters.

This play is a cavalcade of female types that attract each other out of usual role models. The titty type will transform as a  tyran and the effective hurryin type will face the gentle madonna. These woman love also to make music with kitchenware and dance untitill the dawn listening to Yma Sumac.

The performers are dancers Hanna Pihko and Riikka Siirala.

The performances during the summer in Helsinki and North Carelia - Read more!



Tsunamika, Daughter of Ocean

Actors: Parthasarathy Krishan, Anne Naukkarinen ja Soili Perkiö

Tsunamika, Daughter of the ocean -the Finnish-Arabic perfromance will premiere at the National Theatre in the autumn of 2016. We have only two peformances on 3rd of September 14:00 and 18:00 - book your tickets now!

Next performance after National Theatre will be in Espoo, Louhisali, Tapiola on 8th of September at 18:00 - tickets will be on sale soon - stay tuned!

A girl lives in the darkness at the bottom of the ocean. The play highlights the desire of the girl, who wants to see the sun. She begins to search for the sun. Suddenly the earth quakes and the sea takes her to the surface, she sees the sun for the first time. The big tsunami wave takes her to the damaged shore to meet her new friends as suggested by the sun. She gets her name Tsunamika.

Tsunamika, Daughter of  the ocean -musical was invited to India to perform at the memorial party of Asian Tsunami 10 years. It was performed at the memorial party in Auroville, Pondicherry Bharata Nivas auditorium 10/01/2015. While doing this the play returned to it's original roots.

We received a great reception in India - six hundred spectators, children and adults, Indians, Frech, German, Russian, Korean, Japanese etc. esperienced the touching musical, all the joyful, sad and touching moments. The play was presented simultaneously in three languages: English, Tamil and Finnish. Even weeks after the performances, people stopped us on the streets and wanted to share their powerfull experiences.

Tsunamika, Daughter of the ocean was also invited to Japan in the autumn 2015. In December 2015 a longer tour started in India, in order to face the increase of children and adults affected by the Asian tsunami areas.

In 2016, when the Arabic-speaking actor Omar joined our theater the performance became surprisingly topical on a new way. At the moment there are stream of humans who crossing the sea, so many children and adults trying to find back to their families and to home, the same situation such as Tsunamika-girl is facing.

Watch the Tsunamika Celebration video (he play begins at approximately 14 min.)



Matkalla kotiin - On the journey - puppet theatre on the table for the adults

A story about two friends living a regular life until they are forced to leave everything they know and depart on a difficult and dangerous journey towards the unknown. On this journey they face uncertainty, death and suffering as well as deep friendship, connection and understanding. The journey, which is done by hundreds of thousands of people at this present moment, might feel distant for many of us, but these stories are real and touch all of us.

Matkalla kotiin - On the journey -puppet theatre on the table is performed in the living room of theater director Liisa Isotalo in Kumpula, Helsinki by Iraqi asylum seekers. After the performance we are serving Iraqi soup and conversations.

Matkalla kotiin - On the journey is produced by OSIRIS theatre and will premier 18.3.2016. You can invite this touching true story in to your own livingroom from here.