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Letters from Mosul will continue

Letters from Mosul -performances will continue in the Fall and you can see them on 15.9. at the National Theatre, and 28.9. at Oulu Theatre.

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Osiris Ensemble produces multilingual performances for kids, young and adult audiences.


Loiske Ensemble creates wordless dance shows for babies and small children.

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”On the Journey is a beautiful, impressive and very important performance. In my opinion with its aim and content it hits the core of making art, which is wanting to affect people’s world view, make change, get them to see more widely – – – The message ‘love always wins’ is something I agree with from the bottom of my heart.”

– Onerva Järvenpää

“My baby was absolutely enchanted by BabyTango’s music and dance, and the props were simple enough but still spellbinding for the babies. They were wholly exited. Thank you again, it was a lovely concert and even the mother enjoyed it. You’re doing a great job!”

”Letters from Mosul is a theatre achievement that made me think how common our world is. The performance’s world music, the foreign-language speech and the coexistence of cultures in the story made me hopeful. I want to thank the whole working group. I strongly recommend the performance.” – Erja Salo



“An absolutely adorable performance! My goddaughter (11 months) followed it intensively. Also for the adult it was a great experience: an elegant and delicate performer, marvelous sound scapes, a multi-sensual sauna experience. After the show the children were able to get to know to the elements on the stage and experience some more of the sauna world. Highly

– Dancer Jari Karttunen

”I’m expecting to see more performances from this theatre in my school.”