About Osiris

The OSIRIS Theater produces artistically high-quality experiences in which different elements of the arts converge, emphasizing encounters and multi-sensory experiences. Our program includes productions for audiences of all ages, from early years to the elderly. We produce performances in various locations such as forests, urban nature, cultural and theater venues, schools, daycares, and care communities.

While our home base is in Helsinki, our performances reach a wider regional area and extend to international activities as well.

In “Generations Together” themed presentations, artistic connections are established between various generations through theater. Performances are brought to care homes for the elderly, and children and families are invited to join.

Our “Art in Nature” performance activities offer a unique combination of performing arts in natural environments, exploration of nature, and the enhancement of participants’ well-being.

With the “Encounters of Cultures” themed performances, we promote intercultural dialogue, tolerance, and increase understanding of cultural diversity.

Inside the OSIRIS Theater operates the Loiske Ensemble, which produces art experiences and performances for babies, young children, and the elderly. The ensemble has been active since 2006 and merged with OSIRIS Theater in 2013.