Loiske Ensemble

We offer fascinating experiences and high-quality art works for the very youngest

  • We specialize in physical and non-verbal communication.
  • In addition to performances aimed for children, but these are suitable for audiences of different ages and cultural backgrounds.
  • We also produce performances for mixed generations.

Our performances aimed at babies and toddlers combine dance, music, and various elements of interest to little people: the rustling of sauna bath whisk, the clatter of the stones on the sauna stove, the splash of water or the clatter of dancing shoes. We have themes like Finnish woods, the sauna, and the tango.

Over the last 15 years our popular performances have travelled to various cultural venues, theatres, children’s daycare centres and dance festivals and children’s culture festivals as far as Japan. Years of experience and pioneering cultural experiences for babies have been an exploration of unspoken communication and in how to utilize it in various communities. The original idea of Loiske Ensemble’s baby performances is to provide stimuli through various senses, to support the holistic development of communication of the baby and to provide the baby and parents with a shared enjoyable art experience.

In the last few years, we have extended our performances to joint, multi-generational ones. In care homes we have invited seniors and families with babies to enjoy the performances and each other’s company.

Loiske Ensemble’s performances 2006-2021:

Vahva ja hellä / Strong and Gentle (2020)
Metsä / The Forest (2019)
BabyTango (2017)
BabySauna (2015)
Kiitolaukkaa Kipitikolkkaa / Gallop and Giddy-up! (2014)
Zukkapaitupumbula (2013)
Kukuluku (2008)
Pieniä ihmeitä / The Little Miracles (2006)

More info and inquiries: loiske@osiristeatteri.fi

Loiske Ensemble productions

Loiske Ensemble   

Strong and Gentle (Vahva ja hellä)

Strong and Gentle is a joint dance and music performance for various generations

Loiske Ensemble   


A Dance Performance for Babies.

Loiske Ensemble   


A dance performance and a dance for babies.

Loiske Ensemble   

The Forest (Metsä)

The Forest is a Dance Performance for Young Audience.