Strong and Gentle – Age and Connection

Strong and Gentle – Age and Connection is a pilot project by Loiske Ensemble of OSIRIS Theatre. It is aimed at improving the wellbeing of the elderly and enhancing the encounters of various generations through means of art. The project will be carried out in three elements through music, dance, and togetherness. The workshops for Strong and Gentle started in the autumn of 2021 in North Carelia and will recommence in the spring of 2022 in Satakunta, the Southwest of Finland and in Uusimaa, the South of Finland. The project is aimed at seniors living at home, the elderly who are cared for at home, people in nursing homes, the caregivers as well as the young families in the region.

Strong and Gentle – Age and Connection is one of the participants of the project Cultural Wellbeing. The project is supported by the Arts Promotion Centre Finland and funded by the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

Performing and fasilitating: Riikka Siirala (dance), Mari Kätkä (music).

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Vahva ja hellä

Photo: Ahmed Alalousi