• OSIRIS theater offers distinctive and high-level art experiences for a diverse audience.

  • The theater promotes opportunities for participants to encounter, experience, participate and realize art and culture throughout the entire life cycle.

  • Humanity, justice and empathy are important values that guide our activities.

  • Physicality, multisensory and experientiality are strongly involved in artistic activity. Most of the performances involve the audience in one way or another.

  • With the help of art, we create connections between different generations and thus promote a more equal and socially sustainable, age-friendly society.

  • In the performance, the well-being effects of art are taken into account, especially for the elderly, babies and young people at the end of life.

  • We highlight environmental aspects and themes of sustainable development in our operations. We take responsibility as a strengthener of people’s credit relationship and, with the themes and implementation methods of the shows, we have a positive effect on ecological well-being and sustainable development.

  • Equality is at the center of all the theater’s activities: in the subjects, content and execution of the performances. Our theater is free from discrimination. We strive to create an egalitarian atmosphere in our operations and promote a fair society.