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BabySauna takes you to the world of the original Finnish sauna and its magical sounds, scents, rhythms and colors. BabySauna takes the spectators to a fantastic journey through misty forests into the sauna, the sacred place for Finns. The little hums, hissing sounds of steam, crackles of fire, water splashes and deep breathing evolve to rhythms and music. The play with pebbles, water buckets and towels, as well as the pleasure of washing up and drying, they all create the dance. The performer is in contact with the spectators’ reactions and finally, after the finishing lullaby, the audience is let to the stage for wash.

BabySauna is based on movement, sound and kinesthetic stimulations. There are no language barriers.

Recommended age: 0-1 year with companion.
Length: 30 min

Esityksestä sanottua

“Aivan mielettömän hurmaava esitys! Kummityttöni (11 kk) seurasi mitä intensiivisimmin. Myös aikuiselle BabySauna on hieno kokemus: aistikas ja herkkä esiintyjä, upeat äänimaailmat, moniaistillinen saunakokemus. Esityksen jälkeen lapset pääsevät tutustumaan näyttämöllä oleviin elementteihin ja kokemaan saunamaailmoja vielä lisää. Suosittelen!”

– Tanssitaiteilija Jari Karttunen


“An absolutely adorable performance! My goddaughter (11 months) followed it intensively. Also for the adult it was a great experience: an elegant and delicate performer, marvelous sound scapes, a multi-sensual sauna experience. After the show the children were able to get to know to the elements on the stage and experience some more of the sauna world. Highly recommended!”