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A dance performance and a dance for babies.

BabyTango combines a performance experience and a shared dance session for babies and their companions. Tango is a feeling – it is about listening, a shared flow of movement, surrendering, leading and being led. BabyTango deals with the relationship between the baby and the parent, which is intense, wonderful, wild, sensitive and unique. It is a state of understanding without words, where movements, gestures, emotions, voices and sounds express what is essential – since there are no shared words yet. BabyTango is a moment of interaction, communication and love.

Age recommendation: 0–1 years
Duration: 40 minutes
Language: suitable for all languages

BabyTango is performed also in care communities for audiences of babies and the elderly. In these performances the aim is to facilitate the meetings between generations.

Riikka Siirala’s dissertation looked into the BabyTango dance performance for babies and the elderly in a care communities in 2018-2019. The dissertation discusses aspects of encountering generations in an art context, it opens up elements of the performance, the interaction and the reception of the performance. The study exposes the joy, the significant encountering of participants and the feeling of togetherness.

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Esityksestä sanottua

“Vauvani oli aivan haltioitunut BabyTangon musiikista ja tanssista, ja rekvisiitat olivat tarpeeksi simppelit mutta kuitenkin vangitsivat vauvojen huomion. Hän oli aivan innoissaan. Kiitos vielä, oli ihana konsertti ja äitikin nautti! Teette hienoa työtä!!”

“My baby was absolutely enchanted by BabyTango’s music and dance, and the props were simple enough but still spellbinding for the babies. They were wholly exited. Thank you again, it was a lovely concert and even the mother enjoyed it. You’re doing a great job!”