Art in nature   

Rowan Journey (Pihlajamatka)

The Rowan Journey is a dive into the nature of the urban suburb of Pihlajamaki. The performance includes walks, performative parts and sessions aiming to bring the participants together. Special features of the scenery are high rocks and trenches dating back to WW1. In our work we seek for possibilities to calm down, pause and just exist amongst the hum of motorways and high-rise buildings. Through art – dance and music, the familiar suburban nature is seen in a new light.

The work is directed and choreographed by Hanna Pihko and Riikka Siirala. The music is by Charlotta Hagfors and Kaisa Siirala.

The Rowan Journey will be performed in the summer 2022-2023 in Aarnikanmaki, Pihlajamaki.

The Rowan Journey takes you on footpaths, pathways and rocks. The journey is about one kilometer long and it may contain obstacles. The Rowan Journey lasts about 1,5 hrs. In case of bad weather (heavy rain or storm) we reserve the right to reschedule the performance.

Departure from the Giant’s kettles of Pihlajamaki, address Rapakiventie 1. There are good public transport links to the venue (buses 70 and 71).


Taidetekoja 00710 is a joint cultural area venture between OSIRIS Theatre and the Finnish National Theatre, which produces art for Pihlajamaki/Pihlajisto area in 2022-2024. Taidetekoja is part of Helsinki City’s scheme for Helsinki ventures.