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The Forest (Metsä)

The Forest is a Dance Performance for Young Audience.

The Forest is an wondrous field trip, a song of praise to the Finnish forest. There is a special inflated tent, in which two performers, a dancer and a musician, bring the forest to life. With real forest textures, dance, music, shadows and lights, space and fragrances the young audience is called on an interactive journey. Sometimes we focus on micro level, study the shapes of a pine cone, and then we look up and see how the treetops bend in the wind. The sounds of a Finnish forest: the humming in the trees, the cracks, snaps and rustles, the birds’ songs are the basis for the musical composition. Through play and wonder, the viewers are invited to take part in voice and action.

Part of the ticket income is donated to the Finnish Natural Heritage Foundation for protecting the old growth forests.

Target group: 0–2 and 3–6 years old children with accompanion

Duration: 30 minutes + 15 minutes workshop

Premiere at Hurraa! festival at 16th March 2019 in Helsinki.