Osiris Ensemble is a daring and modern theatre, that dismantles preconceptions between
people with the ways of art and creates a more beautiful future together. We bring forward
stories that are current and important to us. We produce performances in several different
languages and create encounters between people of different ages and backgrounds. We are,
after all, a part of a multicultural world.

The stories of the works stem from authentic encounters and real life. Playfulness and interaction are building blocks for the performances, as well as effective live music and versatile means of storytelling. Without forgetting humor we address issues such as cultural differences and immigration, and themes that bind us all, such as friendship, affection, love and humans as part of the nature.

Osiris Ensemble has won over its audiences in over 20 years – abroad: in India, Germany and Denmark, as well as all over Finland in art museums, cultural houses, theatres and even in classrooms.



”Letters from Mosul is a theatre achievement that made me think how common our world is. The performance’s world music, the foreign-language speech and the coexistence of cultures in the story made me hopeful. I want to thank the whole working group. I strongly recommend the performance.” – Erja Salo

”On a Journey had a lovely athmosphere, the singing together in the end produced a lot of feelings. The intimate atmosphere made the play personal and realistic. The play was striking and it made me think. Thank you!”

”What is expressed in the news in words and pictures, even videos, came near us and our
feelings in a sincere way. The actors were good and at times the perfomance was shocking, but not too much. The way the director persuaded the audience to take part was skillful. Even with a little involvement I felt like I was doing something for a mutual experience – I was downright waiting to get to Finland and hear the birds sing.”

”On the Journey is a beautiful, impressive and very important performance. In my opinion with
its aim and content it hits the core of making art, which is wanting to affect people’s world view, make change, get them to see more widely – – – The message ‘love always wins’ is something I agree with from the bottom of my heart.”

”I’m expecting to see more performances from this theatre in my school.”