The pilot project Strong and Gentle – Age and Connection is commencing in September

The pilot project by Loiske Ensemble of OSIRIS theatre Strong and Gentle – Age and Connection is commencing in September with Strong and Gentle performances in Northern Carelia! This project will be a three-part mélange of music, dance and time spent together. The aim is to enhance the wellbeing of the elderly and the encounters between generations through art. Strong and Gentle performances and workshops commence in the autumn of 2021 in Northern Karelia and continue in the spring of 2022 in Southern Satakunta. The Age and Connection project is aimed at seniors who live at home, the elderly receiving care at home, people in care homes, the caregivers, and young families.

Strong and Gentle – Age and Connection is part of a project for the enhancement of cultural wellbeing in which we are one of its participants. The project is supported by The Centre of Art Enhancement and funded by the Ministry of Social and Health Affairs.

Baby Tango is performed also in care communities for audiences of babies and the elderly. In these performances the aim is to facilitate the meetings between generations.

Riikka Siirala’s dissertation looked into the Baby Tango dance performance for babies and the elderly in a care community in 2018-2019. The dissertation discusses aspects of encountering generations in an art context, it opens up elements of the performance, the interaction and the reception of the performance. The study exposes the joy, the significant encountering of participants and the feeling of togetherness.