We offer enchanting experiences and high-level art pieces for the little ones. We are specialized in non-verbal communication and our performances are fitting for children of all ages as well as
multicultural audiences.

In the performances aimed for babies we combine dance, music and different elements that fascinate the youngest: swishing birch whisks, clattering sauna stove rocks, splashing water and clopping dancing shoes. In the performances aimed for children we address issues such as how to encounter different people.

The popular performances have toured over 10 years in cultural houses, theatres, open kindergartens as well as dance and children’s culture festivals as far as in Japan. Years of experience and pioneering in babies art experience has been an expedition to non-verbal communication and utilisating it with different audiences.



“My baby was absolutely enchanted by BabyTango’s music and dance, and the props were simple enough but still spellbinding for the babies. They were wholly exited. Thank you again, it was a lovely concert and even the mother enjoyed it. You’re doing a great job!”

“An absolutely adorable performance! My goddaughter (11 months) followed it intensively. Also for the adult it was a great experience: an elegant and delicate performer, marvelous sound scapes, a multi-sensual sauna experience. After the show the children were able to get to know to the elements on the stage and experience some more of the sauna world. Highly recommended!”

“Kiitolaukkaa Kipitikolkkaa was a wonderful entirety, of which I especially valued its belief in movement and the interaction between the performers and the children. Among the frantic everyday life it’s great to notice that an intensive performance can mesmerize the children, even in the silent parts…”

“Thank you for the performance in Kumpulan Kylätila, the people really praised and liked it and for many children this was their first time in any show! It’s wonderful, that it was this one here!”